Welcome to ESR Electrical Services. Let us help you in anyway we can.

ESR Electrical services is a family owned, NETA accredited provider of electrical testing services for customers nationwide.

Who We Are

ESR Electrical Services has a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and supporting specialists with well over 100 years of combined experience working on various types of projects from conception and planning through construction and completion. ESR Electrical Services has built a strong reputation of exquisite client services, superior project management, and the dedication to delivering a completed project catered to the client. Our values, culture, and sense of family drive us to be better every day.

Our mission is to bring the absolute best reliability and service to the electrical testing world!

Rocket ship launching over a field.
This Microscope symbolizes the attention to detail that we take here at ESR.

Our Approach

We strive to be amazing for every customer,  providing high quality services, fast response times, and always meeting your scheduled needs.

Our reputation sets us apart from everyone else. No one has time to waste. Let ESR Electrical Services lead the way and successfully complete your projects the way they were meant to be done.

We Want You On Our Team!

ESR Electrical Services is full of smart, driven people with a truly impressive range of experiences, achievements, and backgrounds. Every person cares much more about getting it done right, and building excellent relationships with our customers, than making a profit. This is one of the primary reasons ESR has become so highly respected in the industry and is a most-trusted partner. If you think you would fit into our team, send us an email or apply now!