Engineering Services

Whether you are looking for basic electrical engineering services or turn-key design, ESR wants to partner with you for all your engineering needs. See some of our many services below.

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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Allow our experts to provide you with the highest quality of service while conducting your on-site arc flash hazard analysis per NEC, NFPA and OSHA.

Electrical Assessment

Our comprehensive risk assessment is designed to evaluate every piece of equipment in your electrical system. Upon completion, a final electrical assessment report will be provided. This report will rank all repairs and estimate costs to help you ensure safety and mitigate risks.

Additional Engineering Services From small jobs, to big jobs, we’re here to help.

Short Circuit Studies

We can perform this valuable analysis and determine if your electrical equipment is properly rated for the fault current in an event of a short circuit.

Coordination Studies

A protective device coordination study is to achieve optimum balance between equipment protection and selective isolation.

Protective Relay Coordination

We can bring a wealth of experience and confidence for many protective schemes for both medium and high voltage scenarios.

One-Line Diagrams

Let our experts create an easy to use one-line diagram of your electrical system. This powerful tool is the foundation for future maintenance and critical response plan.

Arc Flash Mitigation

Avoid the risk of a dangerous and costly arch flash incident with a customized mitigation plan.

Power Quality Studies

What happens when all of your lights are nice and bright and suddenly, they flicker throughout your facility? When your motor abnormally heats or is replaced multiple times due to heat? The voltage of your facility sags or swells for a short time then returns back to normal? Enter the world of Power Quality.

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Let’s have a quick chat about your company’s electrical needs. We can discuss any existing electrical issues you may be having or potential problem spots you should look out for.

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Don’t take our word for it See what our customers are saying.

Johnson and Danforth JNV Group

ESR has performed an excellent job in managing our electrical projects. The overall quality of the work performed by ESR was very good. The company managed to organize and schedule work well, hitting all milestones. They were very helpful in trying to work through many issues that were not outlined in the original scope for work. We would recommend them for many future projects.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Huntington Memorial Hospital

I want you to know that I am are very pleased with the quality of ESR's services they provide. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business with ending results of customer service satisfactions.

Senior Account Executive Siemens Building Technologies

ESR is an excellent service partner. Their team is well trained, customer-focused, and they always go the extra mile to get the job done RIGHT the FIRST time. Whenever we need skill help on a job, I know we can count on ESR to come through for us with the right talent. Thanks for your continued support.

Senior Project Manager Siemens Industry

In my position, I need to rely on a team of qualified professionals to meet my demanding needs.  From data center substation startup support to troubleshooting, retrofit and repair. And on all types of electrical power distribution equipment ESR has consistently provided fully trained and experienced engineers and technicians on all of my critical power projects.

Building Systems Engineer VSP Global

ESR has proven themselves to be extremely able to perform the work that they advertise. I whole heartily endorse ESR, and will continue using them for as long as I possibly can.